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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year to All!!

The Holidays sure do pass by quickly.  You work a long time getting ready and it's over so fast!  We had a great Holiday week.  Finally, all 3 of my boys were home for the week!  Got very hectic but was very nice. 

Doug and Kim- Drove in
From Texas

Alan and Ari- Al was happy
with his Great Lakes
Christmas Ale

Joey and Deanna- The tree
They picked it out and helped decorate it!

And we can't forget Griffin! (my Grand Dog)  He rode here in the back of a very small car from Texas.  He sure was a good boy!

Griffin keeping me company while I read!

For the new year, I've been sending out basket proposals for Conferences in 2011.  Making new baskets, dyeing reed and "playing" with designs.  I know it's a bit early, but here's a new spring basket!
Chasing Flowers
Weaving this is fun!  Techniques include 3 rod arrow, using 3 colors of round reed and chase weaving (hence the name!) using 2 styles of weavers- a flat oval weaver and round reed.  The metal flowers are added when the basket is finished. 
Check out my website http://www.charsweavings.com/ to see several new basket kits. 
Also new are the bracelets I made for Christmas presents! 
Bracelets are a 2/1 weave with individual jump rings.  Charms are individually stamped with the children's initials.  I also added the Angel charm.  These can be made with or without the addition of the birthstone charm.  Think about Mother's Day gifts!!
 -for Mom, or Grandma!!

My teaching schedule as it stands for now!

NCBA-Raleigh, NC   3/17-20th, 2011
LLBWA- Rockton, Illinois   3/25-26th, 2011
Bluegrass Area Basketmakers Seminar- Jabez, Ky  6/7-11th, 2011
TBA- Newport, TN 7/20-23rd, 2011

Basketweaving Cruise!!  Feb 11-19th 2012
Check it out!  Sounds like lots of fun