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Friday, May 6, 2011


Is Spring ever going to arrive in Ohio???  I know I am really ready for it.  We have had a really long and snowy winter.  But, I have kept myself busy!  Had a couple of great conventions in North Carolina and Rockton Illinois in March.  A few of my new baskets and kits have been finally added to my website.  My most popular basket this year seems to be the Flower Berry Market Basket.  

Will be teaching it at several conferences this year.  In North Carolina, we had time at the end of class to learn new lashing techniques.  I will be giving classes these options throughout the year!!  Sign up for a class!!!!

  Also, "Hope"  is a good basket to use as a gift for for Breast Cancer Awareness fund raisers.

Last week I had the honor to teach a basket weaving class for a friend at the Kentucky School for the Blind in Louisville Kentucky.  I taught 5 students in the 4th grade class.  They did a great job! And it was a great experience for me.

These last few years I have really enjoyed making the silver chainmaille bracelets and necklaces as well as the stamped silver necklaces. Unfortunately, I will not be making them much longer. :(  When I started the chainmaille, silver was about 9.00 per ounce,  this week it almost made it to 50.00 an ounce!!  This will make it very tough to create and sell the jewelry.  I do have a bit made for now and just hope the price begins to fall.  I will keep playing and learning new patterns but will use copper or enameled copper for awhile and hope the price of silver starts going down. 

Time to get creative and come up with new baskets for proposals for 2012 already.  Any one need a basket for a particular use?? That's how I begin the process.  Have a purpose in mind, decide the size needed, any specific colors, then begin weaving and playing with color placement and weaving techniques. 
Help me out here--
Any specific baskets needed?
What techniques do you need to learn?
What's your most popular color?
Which do you like best, woven bases or wood bases?

I appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks much,  Char