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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting ready for the Holidays!

Spent the last week getting ready for the Holidays!  Making a few gifts, cleaning, and making cookie dough.  Will bake next week!  This sure worked good for me this year.  Just made the dough, labeled it and put it in the fridge.  Will bake later! 

Dick, Joey and his girlfriend Deanna trudged out to cut our tree.  Snow was a couple feet deep but they found a great one!  It's about 9 1/2" tall!  Not sure how they even got it home.

        Deanna's behind Joe trying to
            walk in his footsteps!

 My Mother-In-Law has to many Grandchildren to fit on a necklace so I came up with this bracelet.  It's a 2/2 chain with small silver discs.  I stamped the initials of all the grandchildren on each disc.  Then added a small birthstone charm next to the disc.  And of course had to add the angel disc!

Basket teaching schedule for 2011
North Carolina Basketweaving Convention  3/17-20, 2011
Bluegrass Area BasketMakers Seminar  6/7-11, 2011
Tennessee Basketrty Association  7/20-23, 2011

BasketWeaving Cruise!!  Feb 11-19, 2012